Rhino Vision

The VideoMeter is a vision-based piece of laboratory equipment designed for fast and accurate determination of surface color and chemical composition using multi-spectral analysis. The unit is an easy-to-use system integrating illumination, camera, and computer technology with advanced digital imaging analysis and statistics. The technology is particularly useful for quantitative measurements of chemical and visual properties of samples or surfaces.

The Rhino Vision unit is our specially adapted VideoMeter system that was designed specifically for seed and grain analytics. With a multitude of pre-programmed software programs as well as our own knowledge, the RhinoVision can be completely customizable to your liking. Some of our specific software packages include tools to look at physical characteristics, coating quality (coating array data) as well as seed quality.


  • Automated system

  • Customized models

  • Fast and accurate measurement

  • High sensitivity and reproducibility


In order to assure your seeds are being stored under optimal conditions it is important to know the relative humidity and temperature of the environment. The DataLogger is the perfect tool to easily and economically measure and track temperature and relative humidity over a period of time.

This DataLogger can store up to 32,000 relative humidity (0-100%) and temperature (-35 º to 80ºC) readings. The readings can then easily be uploaded to a computer via USB where a user can view, analyze and print the data.

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