Protecting Your Seeds and Grain During Covid-19

Over the last few weeks I have had conversations with many agriculture and food industry stakeholders, including many small-scale producers and traders that have been left holding on to excess inventory due to distribution interruptions related to Covid-19. Many lack the proper storage facilities and are gravely concerned that their products are going to go to waste prior to the markets opening back up. That being said, I thought I would share some easy tips and technologies that smaller operators can employ to protect their products from losses during the covid-19 crisis and beyond. The Dry Chain is the Solution Food products are generally relatively warm and wet when harvested but have ver

Dry Chain America

Follow our journey as we work to reduce postharvest losses, improve food security and create a more sustainable food system.

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Dry Chain America

We provide unique, climate-smart drying, storage, and monitoring solutions combined with the training and support our customers need in order to reduce postharvest losses and obtain higher quality seeds and grains. Our team includes seed industry professionals in the Unites States, Europe, and Asia, which grants us the ability to understand the challenges organizations are faced with across the globe and how to best address them.

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