Data Logger

Device to measure relative humidity and temperature

Ability to measure temperature from -35º - 80º C

Ability to measure relative humidity from 0 - 100% RH

Accurate to  +/- 0.3ºC and +/- 0.3% RH

Stores up to 32,000 data points 

Direct attachment into PC's USB port for easily downloading data

Made from durable shock-proof ABS plastic

Data Logger

The Dry Chain is dependent upon all parts of the agro- value chain working in unison. If any part of the value chain is compromised, it can lead to disastrous results for you commodities. To protect against lapses in the value chain, you should continually monitor conditions during storage, transportation, and distribution.

Data Loggers are an inexpensive and highly effective way to monitor environmental parameters. Our Data Logger can measure and store up to 32,000 relative humidity (0 - 100% RH) and temperature (-35 - 80ºC) readings. Using the included PC software program, a user can also calculate dew point and other professional applications. Results can then be viewed, analyzed, or exported in other file formats (txt, xsl, csv, bmp, jpg).