Drum Dry

An all-in-one drying and storage solution for seeds & grains
Drying Beads technology allows for efficient drying without heat
Cylindrical insert allows for homogenous drying
Protects seeds & grains against mold growth and insect infestation
Three built-in hygrometers allow for active monitoring of RH and temperature
Fit for use in the field or at the village level for short-term storage (1-2 years)

Drum Dry

The Drum Dry system is our largest drying and storage solution utilizing our patented Drying Beads drying technology. Made from heavy duty steel, the Drum Dry system keeps your commodities safe while standing up to the demands of harvest and transportation.

Similar to our smaller Dry Box options, each drum is equipped with three built-in hygrometers for the real-time monitoring of temperature and relative humidity. A removable cylindrical insert holds the Drying Beads and provides for a homogenous drying process.

With this system, seeds can be harvested in the field and dried during transportation to the processing facility, thus reducing the risk of contamination and lowering the total drying-related expenses.

The Drum Dry system comes in two sizes:

50L - approximate capacity of 19kg

100L - approximate capacity of 40kg