An all-in-one drying & storage solution for your seeds
Portable and easy to use in any environment
Allow dried seeds & grains to be stored under ambient conditions
Protects against mold and insect infestations
Built-in hygrometers allow for active monitoring of RH and temperature​
Made from heavy duty BPA free plastics which are non-toxic and food grade


The DryBox is our economical and easy to use hermetic drying and storage solution designed to be used with our patented Drying Beads technology. Made from heavy duty, BPA free plastics and featuring a snap-lock system with an inlaid silicone seal, the DryBox has been proven to be a capable solution to protect commodities against deterioration.

Drying is a universal concept within the agricultural industry but the importance of hermetic storage is a newer concept. Traditional storage practices including the use of jute bags are inadequate in preventing moisture from re-entering the commodities during storage. In recent years hermetic bags have transformed the postharvest sphere but they too can often tear, leading to problems if not detected. Our DryBoxes solve this problem by providing a durable solution with an embedded hygrometer to allow you to constantly track changes in RH and temperature and take immediate action if changes occur.


The DryBox is great solution to dry and store samples in the field, in seed banks, and organizations working with small seed lots. The DryBox comes in four sizes:​

1.6L -  approximate capacity of 0.6kg

8.4L - approximate capacity of 3kg

16L - approximate capacity of 7kg

72L -  approximate capacity of 31.5kg