Drying Beads

Drying Beads

Drying Beads desiccant technology is our key innovation to drying agricultural commodities as well as food products. Developed by agricultural professionals, specifically for the agricultural industry, Drying Beads are the most efficient option available for drying without using natural gas.

Drying Beads are modified ceramic materials that specifically and tightly hold water molecules within their microscopic pores. When enclosed in a moisture-proof container with a commodity, the Drying Beads will absorb and hold water molecules tightly within their microscopic pores, thus creating and maintaining a very low humidity environment. This forces evaporation of water from the commodity without the need for outside energy sources. They can absorb 20-25% of their weight in water and once completely saturated, they can be regenerated without losing any water-holding capacity.

Key Features
  • Specific pore size for water

  • Absorb 20-25% of weight in water

  • Can be regenerated without losing any water-holding capacity

  • Ability to lower relative humidity to as low as 5%

  • Mechanically and thermally stable

  • Non-toxic, food grade

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