The DryBox is a great solution for both the drying and storage of your small to medium-sized seed lots and agricultural commodities. Made from heavy duty, BPA free plastics and featuring a snap-lock system with an inlaid silicone seal, the DryBox is an extremely durable and moisture-proof container.

Anybody working at seed repositories and/or someone who works with breeder or foundation seeds will find this system valuable. Home enthusiasts will also enjoy knowing that their precious seeds will be able to be dried and stored to the optimal level for the next planting season.

DryBoxes are available in 4 sizes (1.6L, 8.4L, 16L and 72L) and all come with the necessary amount of Drying Beads and a built-in hygrometer to allow for real-time monitoring without the need to open the container. Using this system in conjunction with Drying Beads and our Drying Beads Calculator you can dry your commodities to the exact moisture level they require.


The DrumDry system is currently our largest drying and storage product that utilizes the Drying Beads technology. Made from durable steel with a cylindrical insert in the middle, it was designed to provide for homogenous drying and short-term storage of seeds.

This system is great for medium to large-sized seed lots and is the perfect solution for seed companies with contracted farmers as well as the drying and storage of seeds while in the field.

The DrumDry system is available in two sizes (50L and 100L) and comes with the necessary amount of Drying Beads as well as three built-in hygrometers to allow for real-time monitoring. Using the DrumDry system in conjunction with Drying Beads you can be assured that your agricultural commodities will arrive at their destination properly dried.

Vacuum Packaging

Seed storage is all about preserving the quality of your seeds. New scientific insights have shown that vacuum packaging greatly enhances seed storage especially when combined with modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) conditions and low gas permeability liners. In order to accommodate most seed lots we offer three vacuum packaging machine.

Our smallest machine is a great alternative option to traditional envelope storage practices as it can package seeds from 0.05 - 1 kg.

The medium machine has a capacity of 1 - 20 kg. This machine also allows the user to flush the bags with an inert gas such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen to create optimum conditions within the bag.

The largest size we offer has a capacity of 300-1500 kg and similar to the medium-sized unit allows for the flushing of gas to create MAP conditions inside the bag.

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