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Are Drying Beads safe for my seeds?

Yes! Drying Beads are a modified ceramic material that is chemically and thermally stable. When placed within a moisture-proof container with seeds the Drying Beads will absorb water molecules from the surrounding environment creating a negative moisture gradient and forcing evaporation of water from within the seeds. Many studies on the efficacy of the Drying Beads have been undertaken by the staff at The University of California, Davis and have shown the Drying Beads to be a safe and effective method of drying.


Can Drying Beads dry seeds too much?

Drying Beads are a powerful drying technology that can readily dry seeds to lower moisture levels than most other drying solutions. The Drying Beads pose no harm to most orthodox seeds as these seeds are extremely desiccant-tolerant down to moisture levels as low as 3-5%. However, recalcitrant seeds can be damaged during the drying process and Drying Beads should not be used with these seeds.


Are there any other precautions to observe when using Drying Beads?

The Drying Beads will exhibit an exothermic reaction when exposed to water. During a typical drying process the increased temperatures are negligible and can even be beneficial. However, if directly exposed to water the temperatures can reach up to 284ºF (140ºC). In order to avoid potential injury to oneself or their seeds, water should not be added directly to the Drying Beads. We recommend that seeds are surface dried prior to starting the drying process, especially after washing. This can normally be accomplished via air-drying and checked using a paper towel.


Can Drying Beads be used for other applications?

Drying Beads are a versatile technology that can be used in many different capacities outside of the agriculture and food industries. We have partnered with Caring for Textiles, who are implementing the "Dry Chain" system in Cambodia and Rwanda to preserve clothing materials from the genocides in these respective countries. This partnership has also spurred the creation of a humidity monitor and stabilization device that utilizes the Drying Beads technology to actively preserve clothing during storage.The Drying Beads can also be used in ethanol distillation processes to remove water molecules not otherwise separated during the heating process. Finally, the Drying Beads have displayed positive results in preserving a range of DNA specimens. The Drying Beads are a viable solution for many other applications and if you have any other ideas or questions we encourage you to reach out to us.


Are Drying Beads available in my country?

We are part of a global network of companies working to develop and implement the dry chain system into value-chains across the globe. At Dry Chain America, we are specifically focused on servicing the Americas. However, our partner, Rhino Research, is located in Bangkok, Thailand and can fulfill any request in Asia as well as Africa and Europe. There are also many local dry chain distributors in countries around the world. Please reach out to us if you would like to receive direction on the best distributor for your region.

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