Vacuum Sealer (Large)

Tabletop vacuum sealing unit

Designed specifically for the seed industry

Chamber vacuum prevents loss of seeds

Durability lends itself to commercial production processes

More efficient than kitchen sealers

Helps preserve seed quality and vigor

Vacuum Sealer (Large)

Our largest vacuum packaging unit is capable of packaging 300-1500kg of seeds at one time, making it the perfect packaging solution for large seed companies working with jumbo bags.


Similar to our mid range unit, this sealer is capable of flushing the bags with inert gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide to create MAP conditions. A low oxygen environment has been proven to prolong germination and is essential for high moisture seeds such as those that have been primed.

While this sealer is compatible with many bag types and sizes, we also supply bags that come with a bluetooth compatible hygrometer embedded into them. This allows you to constantly monitor the conditions within the bag from a mobile device and take action if any changes are detected.

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