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Mission Statement

At Dry Chain America, it is our mission to provide feasible, eco-friendly drying and storage technologies to people throughout the agricultural value-chain as well as home enthusiasts and environmentally-conscious individuals. Our knowledgable team is here to help you dry and store commodities to the optimal levels for safe and high quality seed and food products.


Globally, about one-third of food produced for human consumption is spoiled or wasted. The problem is exacerbated, particularly in humid climates, by the growth of food spoilage organisms, including Aspergillus species that produce aflatoxin. Aflatoxins have been found to result in childhood stunting and immune suppression but the consumption of foods containing aflatoxins have also been directly associated with up to 28% of liver cancer cases worldwide.

Our vision is to empower smallholder farmers and the like by providing them with an economical and safe method to dry and store their crops, thus giving them both financial and food security, while also reducing the overall amount of aflatoxin-contaminated food in the food system.

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