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Drying Beads

A revolutionary drying technology utilizing desiccant technology to safely and efficiently dry commodities.

Vacuum Sealer (small)

A tabletop vacuum sealer designed specifically for commercial seed processes.

Data Logger

This data logger can store up to 32,000 humidity and temperature readings and provide dew point and other technical applications with its software application.


A low-cost hermetic container with an embedded hygrometer to track internal changes during drying and storage.

Vacuum Sealer (medium)

A mid-size vacuum sealer capable of packaging up to 50kg of commodities at one time. Includes the ability to flush the packaging with inert gases to create MAP conditions.

Moisture Box

The Moisture Box is an alternative solution to expensive water activity meters and provides fast and accurate humidity and temperature readings.


A durable hermetic drum complete with an insert for Drying Beads making it the perfect solution for drying and storing commodities in the field.

Vacuum Sealer (large)

Our largest vacuum sealer capable of packaging 300-1500kg of commodities. Also includes the ability to flush packaging with inert gases to create MAP conditions.

Starter Package

This starter package offers all of the tools necessary to begin implementing the Dry Chain into your commercial processes. 

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