Vacuum Sealer (Medium)

Designed for commercial seed companies

Efficiently packages up to 50kg of seeds at a time

Ability to flush the bags with inert gases to create MAP conditions

Pumping, sealing and flushing are all done concurrently

Helps protect seeds during storage

Increases production rate and decreases costs

Only requires one person to operate

Compatible with most bag types

Vacuum Sealer (Medium)

This is our mid-range vacuum packaging unit, capable of packaging up to 50kg of seeds at one time. With an adjustable tray, the unit is able to easily adjust to different bag sizes and will help to increase efficiency. Each step of the sealing process is also performed concurrently, thereby allowing this machine to be easily implemented into an organization as a standalone product or on an assembly line. With it, an organization is guaranteed to increase production rates and guarantee better quality seeds.

The key feature of this vacuum packaging unit is its ability to flush the bags with inert gases such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide to create MAP conditions. This is key for susceptible seed lots and seeds that have already been primed as the low oxygen environment will prolong germination.

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