Vacuum Sealer (Small)

Tabletop vacuum sealing unit

Designed specifically for the seed industry

Chamber vacuum prevents loss of seeds

Durability lends itself to commercial production processes

More efficient than kitchen sealers

Helps preserve seed quality and vigor

Vacuum Sealer (Small)

Our tabletop vacuum packaging unit offers an affordable and durable packaging solution for commercial company's. The unit can easily fit into any company's commercial processes and provides a reliable solution for packaging many smaller seed lots.  

External (kitchen) vacuum sealers are often unreliable and cumbersome for commercial companies. For that reason, we prefer a chamber sealer that creates a vacuum seal by withdrawing the air from the chamber, rather than the bag itself. This allows you to safely package small seeds without fearing that they will be expelled from the bag during the process. 

We sell three different bag types with this vacuum sealer that are capable of packaging approximately 0.5-2kg of seed.

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